BIJOUX INDISCRETS Za Za Zu Feathered Handcuffs

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The Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu handcuffs can be used not only for light bondage, but also to enchant your partner's senses as you run the feathers along their body. Roll them up in your hands and run the feathers over your partner's body or use the cool metal chain for a different sensation.


Metal cuff with feathers for those looking to familiarize themselves with bondage and sensory play.


Being tied up can trigger adrenaline, which increases sexual tension and releases alpha waves in the brain that can induce a kind of hypnotic state. This is a beautiful set of handcuffs that you can use to get started in the world of BDSM.


Feather and metal handcuff set.

Use & Cleaning

It is recommended to store cuffs in a separate satin bag so that the feathers last as long as possible and the chain does not get tangled.