DORCEL Dual Explorer

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The Dual Explorer is made for endless enjoyment. This ultra-flexible sex toy promises a multitude of pleasures. It vibrates and stimulates the G- and P-spot or the nipples. Use it as best suits your body.


The first motor offers 9 “back and forth” stimulation modes to stimulate the G&P point. The second motor offers 9 vibration modes.

This sex toy is extremely flexible, so you can use it in any situation.

Designed for multiple pleasures: vagina, clitoris, anus, perineum and nipples


A perfect device for couples or individual pleasure. Its flexibility comes in handy during a holiday, you take it with you everywhere!


It is made of 100% soft silicone, so it is body safe.


Length 55.7 cm, diameter 3.2 cm.


This product is water resistant, and water-based lubricants are recommended during use!

Use & Cleaning

The product should be cleaned before and after use. It can be disinfected with lukewarm soapy water or cleaning agents developed for this purpose.


Using only water-based lubricants, as the other types can weaken the silicone, thereby significantly shortening the life of the device.


Also, don't forget to clean up during play before putting the same end into another orifice. Not recommended for pregnant women.