INTIMATE ROSE Vibrating Pelvic Wand

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Dr. Amanda Olson designed the blue vibrating pelvic floor therapy wand to provide support for pain in the pelvic floor and rectum. The silicone is double-finished to reduce the effects of odor, and can be easily washed with soap and water to maintain after use.



This uniquely-angled pelvic floor wand provides support for pelvic pain, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and tailbone pain (coccydynia).

Designed by a pelvic floor physical therapist, this pelvic floor massage tool is made with medical-grade silicone and can be used for painful pelvic trigger points, as well as prostate massage.

Includes 10 modes of Vibration, designed to help relax muscles while improving blood flow and support for pelvic muscle pain.

Unique design and silicone finish make this pelvic wand effective for both pelvic floor and rectal use, while reducing the effects of odor.



If the muscles of the pelvic floor are too tight, the wand helps to relax them as well




10 vibration modes

skin-friendly dulpa silicone coating to resist odors

BPA, latex free material

Shallow muscles end:

thickest diameter: 6.35 cm

Longer, deeper muscles end:

thickest diameter: 3.81 cm

Total wand width: 20.32 cm

Total wand height: 10.4 cm

rechargeable with a magnetic charger, this is included in the box


Clean before and after each use. It can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water, then it is recommended to let it air dry. You can also use an alcohol-free disinfectant specially developed for keeping sexual aids clean. Use only with a water-based lubricant.