IROHA Petit Shell

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For those who are reluctant to explore more complicated sexual aids, we invite you to indulge in a simpler sensation with our disposable item - "iroha petit", which offers a flexible new texture. It consists of 98% water, it can be cooled in a refrigerator or heated in a bath to the desired temperature.

It feels completely different from your fingers or even silicone. Enjoy a new touch of pleasure!


Available in three different designs, the ridges of Shell cause seductive delight.


The Iroha Petit family is a great start for those just starting to explore the world of sex toys.


This is a single-use product, made of 98% water, while the frame is made of biodegradable material.

Use & Cleaning

This product is single use. Use immediately after opening and throw away after use!

Removing the product from the packaging:

  1. Carefully pull off the lid while holding the cup in one hand. Be careful when opening, as water may spill out of the cup.
  2. Pour out the water inside.
  3. Place the cup upside down in your palm and gently press the bottom to remove the Petit.

The product may be damaged by forceful removal, so open it carefully.