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This strong and flexible penis ring will help you stay hard longer to enjoy more intoxicating moments. Do you want to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm together? Mio is the answer!

Je Joue's unique motor creates ultra-low frequency vibrations that continue to spread throughout the body. This is what drives the world-famous "deep rumble" of Je Joue. This turns the penis or dildo into a vibrator, as the vibrations run along the entire shaft and directly to the clitoris or perineum!


The Mio's motor is designed for low frequency so that you can experience Je Joue's characteristic booming vibration here as well. With 5 speeds and 7 vibration patterns, the Mio offers a wide range of vibrations - from gentle purrs to deep rumbles.


Beginner: Stretch the Mio and slide it down to the base of the penis. You can then place the vibrating part up so that it comes into direct contact with your partner during sex or turn it down to stimulate the testicles.


Advanced: Place Mio around the penis and testicles before getting hard. Wearing the Mio around the area gives you a stronger erection than the first option, and the sensations around the testicles and perineum are a great addition to the overall experience. You can also place the vibrating part of the Mio upwards to stimulate your partner.


Luxury silicone vibrating penis ring for mutual pleasure. 7 vibration functions with 5 different speeds. The large clitoral stimulator creates intense sensations for the partner. USB rechargeable. 100% vegan vibrator. Waterproof product.



Maximum diameter: 5.7 cm


Minimum diameter: 3.1 cm

Use & Cleaning

The product can be disinfected with lukewarm soapy water or cleaning agents developed for this purpose.


Use only water-based lubricants, as the other types can weaken the silicone, thereby significantly shortening the life of the device.