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Are you certain that you are a fan of environmentally friendly solutions, but otherwise you have a hard time deciding? Then this vibrator is perfect for you! If you want it can be like a rabbit, you can stimulate the clitoris and nipples with the little ears. And if you feel like it, you can also use it as a bullet!


Its firm, yet flexible ears perfectly massage the clitoris or hit the g-spot, and its smooth, silky silicone coating pampers the nipples! This toy promises to bring you joy in places you didn't know needed it.


The ears have a deceptively powerful vibration and are expertly designed to deliver deep vibrations to the clitoris and nipples. Unlike the classic rabbits, which usually use smaller motors in the ears, the LASKA uses a large motor that allows the vibration to travel to the ears.


Use it as you like, where it is convenient, just throw it in your bag and it will accompany you anywhere!


The inner body and ring of the LASKA is made of 100% recycled aluminum with only the minimum amount of silicone required. The back of the motor is basically made of biodegradable plastic and the logo is laser engraved on the toy, so there is no ink or chemicals involved.



The toys come with a white, elegant Tencel lyocell travel bag. This material is used because it is better for the environment than other materials. No harmful chemicals are used during the production process, and the logo is printed with earth-friendly ink.


Tencel is less likely to collect bacteria and other nasties that can transfer to the toy. It also requires less energy and water to produce than traditional cotton, and because it is plant-based, it is biodegradable. If that's not enough, Tencel is also much thicker to help protect the product.


The love not war brand's environmental awareness is also reflected in the fact that their toys, like LASKA, can also be mixed and matched. The base is the same and different heads can be attached!


Length: 15.8 cm

Diameter: 2.25 cm

Game time: 1 hour at maximum setting

Charging time: 2 hours

Made of body-safe silicone and recycled skin-friendly aluminum.


4 intensity levels and 7 vibration patterns

Use & Cleaning

The LASKA can be easily cleaned with lukewarm soapy water, or cleaning agents developed for this purpose.