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The world's most flexible vibrator that hits the mark every time. Crescendo 2 is an award-winning, handmade vibrator, the next generation of sex toys that lets you both personalize the experience.


Crescendo 2 is the world's first vibrator designed to mimic fingers. Thanks to its extreme flexibility, you can completely adapt it to your body. Reach and explore all erogenous zones from the G-spot to the P-spot!

Crescendo 2 also helps you explore your partner's body. Your relationship is guaranteed to be transformed through this kind of pampering

Discover why sexologists rave about this vibrator! 4 years of research and development brought the result, Crescendo is a multiple award-winning vibrator with 6 motors and 16 power settings that will stimulate every inch of you.

With this programmable vibrator, your partner can control the motors live. Experience an intense, explosive orgasm to the extreme by handing over control and letting your partner take the wheel with the help of this toy’s smart app.

Health effects:

Using Crescendo 2 tightens the pelvic muscles, relieves vaginal pain, such as vulvodynia, dyspareunia and other vaginal pain conditions, with vibration. It helps if you find it difficult to get excited or reach orgasm, the symptoms of incontinence can also be alleviated using Crescendo 2. Regular use of Crescendo 2 can also reduce premature ejaculation in men, and it can also have a beneficial effect on erectile dysfunction.


Since it's completely waterproof, jump in the shower or relax in the tub together and use it during sex!


Thanks to its flexibility, the Crescendo 2 can be used alone or together, pampering the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. It can be used as a masturbator or anally, as you wish.



Length: 22 cm


The material is body-safe silicone.

Waterproof can be used in the shower or bath.


USB rechargeable. Usage: up to 90 minutes.

Use & Cleaning

The product can be disinfected with lukewarm soapy water or cleaning agents developed for this purpose. 

Use only water-based lubricants, as other types can weaken the silicone, thereby significantly shortening the life of the device.