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Siren is a unique dual function vibrator powered by two motors. A spherical vaginal vibrator was placed at one end, while a tentacled clitoral stimulator was placed at the other end.

It is completely covered with skin-friendly silicone, which also ensures water resistance.


The structure is stiff in the middle, above that the neck is flexible and the spherical part is soft. The twigs are also soft and flexible. The vaginal vibrator supports pleasure in 5 vibration modes and 5 strength levels, while the clitoral vibrator with 3 levels of extra strong vibration creates the feeling as if little tongues are dancing on our body.


Thanks to the 2-pronged design, it is ideal for pampering the clitoris and nipples as well as for foreplay to tingle the glans and testicles.

Enjoy how the strongly vibrating, soft tongues tickle your private parts.

The rounded end also functions as a separate vaginal or anal vibrator.


special 2-pronged form 

2 powerful but quiet motors

rounded end: 5 vibration modes, 5 vibration strengths

tentacle part: 3 vibration strengths

simple two-button control

waterproof, easy-to-clean design

total length: 18.5 cm

diameter of spherical end: 3.5 cm

length of tentacles: 4.5 cm

basic distance between tentacles: 0.4-1cm (flexible)

max. diameter: 4.5 cm

rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery

environmentally friendly design

weight: 174 g

color: coral

environmentally friendly ABS, PU, Super soft Silicone (compliant with EU regulations, phthalate-free)


Package contents: 1 pc Svakom Siren, 1 pc USB charging cable, storage bag

Use & Cleaning

Clean the device thoroughly before first use and after each use. Wash thoroughly with gentle soap and lukewarm water, then rinse and let dry. Recommended: Use of a special cleaning agent.

Use exclusively with water-based lubricants, other oils or lubricants can damage its material.