Hogyan vezess be szexjátékokat a kapcsolatodba?

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into your Relationship? 

The first thing to remember is that expanding your sexual horizons is normal and not shameful. Adding a sex toy whether a cock ring, g-spot vibrator or bondage gear into your relationship can impact your relationship in the best ways from helping you to be more direct in the bedroom, to fostering a safe space to talk about kinks and desires.  

By communicating to them why you want to try out a sex toy together then they should be able to see that sex toys aren’t as intimidating as initially thought.  

Create an open dialogue about sex!  

Create a comfortable and sex-positive dialogue with each other.  One way you could do that is by sharing a recent sexy thought, alternatively, a fun activity is to brainstorm a list of every sexual act you can think of together, then, separately, rate them according to what you would do, might do, wouldn’t do, and dare to share the answers. The most important aspect of this, as well as the sharing, is to be non-judgmental about what your partner shares with you. 

Initiate the conversation  

Approach the topic gently whilst you two are alone - make sure your partner feels comfortable, relaxed and open to talking. This could be after you have chatted about your wants and desires in the bedroom, suggest trying out a sex toy together for a new experience in the bedroom. It is important to make this conversation as open, honest and playful as possible.   

Selecting a toy

The key is to focus on how a sex toy can benefit both of you, emphasize the mutual pleasure, the body exploration and the mind-blowing orgasms you can both reach with a little help. What kinds of sex do you both enjoy? Are you more anal or vaginal penetration focused? G-spot or clitoral stimulation? Do you like mutual masturbation or penetrative play? Vibration patterns or static dildo? Remote controlled or manual?   By you and your partner getting involved in the decision process the addition of a sex toy will feel like a choice you have both made, regardless of who brought it up initially. 

Explore together  

When it comes to actually getting down to playing with your new sex toy, depending on the dynamic of your relationship, you can either experiment with it yourself so that you can show your partner confidently what it can do, or make a point of unwrapping and exploring it together. Be curious about your partner’s reaction - whether they seem surprised, nervous, hesitant or raring to go, talk about what you are both feeling and let your natural reactions guide you in your adventure.  There are so many ways to play, think outside the box when it comes to trying out a sex toy.