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Lorals single-use disposable panties will be by your side in every uncomfortable situation. Throw a package in your bag and let the party begin!


You can buy Lorals disposable latex panties in two versions, the traditional Bikini, the classic panty style, or the Shortie which was developed for greater coverage.


These ultra-thin, incredibly flexible latex panties transmit every touch, whether it's oral sex, fingering or anal licks, you won't miss it!


When should you use Lorals panties?


It's that time of the month, but you're impatient and want a little pampering, try oral sex (use it with a tampon or a cup, because it doesn't protect against leakage).


If you haven't shaved recently and your partner's beard might irritate your skin, just put on some Lorals panties and play to your heart's content.


If you simply don't feel comfortable in your own skin, if you're shy, put on a pair of panties, so you can show just as much of yourself as you want.


If you just want to spice up your outfit with a sexy, vanilla-scented latex panties, Lorals can help you with that too!


Try it with Überlube's luxury lubricant for an even silkier sensation!


Lorals are made of natural latex rubber, so those who are sensitive to latex should not use them! One box contains 4 individually wrapped panties. All panties have a slight vanilla taste and smell. They have a silky touch, one side is shiny, the other is matte, you pick whichever you like! 

Vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, chlorine-free!



One size: fits XS-XL: approx. 66-130 cm, in the case of a larger size, the bottom will have less coverage and the waistband will be narrower on the hips.

Use & Cleaning 

This is a single-use disposable product, dispose of it after one use. It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, do not use instead of dental dam or condoms, do not use for penetrative sex.