Bank Transfer

You can pay for the products by bank transfer.


Credit card payment

In our online store, you can pay quickly and securely by bank card.


Cash on delivery

If you wish to settle the value of the order upon receipt of the package, select the "Cash on delivery" payment method.


Cash payment

You have the option to pay the price of the product and the delivery fee in cash upon receiving the product.


Simple bank card payment (OTP group)

The Simple Online Payment System is developed and operated by OTP Mobil Kft. OTP Mobil Kft. is a member of the OTP Group.

Customers using the service can choose Simple's simple and secure payment solution for online purchases. You can then make your payment as usual, on the Simple interface.

The payment process is the same as the payment procedure offered in the framework of similar services of banks. Keeping in mind the security of the user, i.e. the cardholder, Simple continuously monitors transactions during the service and provides assistance in preventing unexpected events.

1. By clicking the "Payment" button, you will be transferred to the Simple payment page, where you can start the transaction by entering your bank card details.

1.After entering the card data, please check the correctness of the data.
2.The processing of the transaction starts in the bank's processing systems.
3.You will also be notified of the payment result by e-mail, and the Simple system will redirect you to the website of the online store.

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PayPal is easy and secure for customers in more than 200 countries
as a payment method.

PayPal has many advantages that make shopping easier and faster, while keeping your financial information safe:

One email, one password. That's all you need to pay or transfer money through PayPal. And the bank card can remain in the wallet.

You don't need to deposit money into your PayPal account to pay. All you have to do is assign your bank card to your PayPal account, and you only need to do this once, at the beginning.

PayPal is a globally recognized payment method, the guarantee of secure transactions, with which you can pay the price of products online in 26 different currencies.

Connect to PayPal and pay even more easily in the online store!