INSPIRE Silicone Dilator Set

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This five-piece vaginal trainer set is recommended for gradual expansion of the vagina, treatment of vaginismus, or recovery after vaginal surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.


Sizes ranging from 7.5 centimeters to 14 centimeters in length are suitable for gradual expansion of the vagina, at a pace that suits you.


Made of soft, medical-grade silicone, each dilator has an ergonomic design which helps with easy insertion.


The finger loop at the bottom provides the user with complete peace of mind and control over the device.

After radiation or chemotherapy:


Pelvic radiation can cause scar tissue to form and make the entrance to the vagina less flexible and dry. Ladies often experience a shortening and narrowing of the vagina, as well as a decrease in blood flow to the area. Scarring of the vaginal tissue results in adhesions that can close the sides of the vagina, making intercourse and vaginal exams extremely difficult and uncomfortable.


Stimulation with a dilator helps prevent the formation of scar tissue and promotes healthy blood flow to the area, which aids in the breaking down of any scar tissue that may have formed. Even for women who are not sexually active and do not intend to be, it is important to be able to undergo a gynecological examination if necessary. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dilator regularly after treatment, as scarring can occur at any time. Be sure to check with your doctor for recommended instructions for use!

For people with vaginismus:


If you suffer from vaginismus, a dilation kit that allows you to gradually increase the flexibility of your vagina and get used to the sensation of penetration may be the answer you've been looking for. A deep-rooted fear of vaginal penetration can have a serious impact on your life, sexual intimacy and gynecological examinations can seem torturous. Unfortunately, many women who experience this crippling feeling are too scared to discuss it with a healthcare professional, so their condition goes untreated, leaving them feeling isolated and alone. If this sounds familiar, the first thing you should do is talk to someone, whether it's a healthcare professional or a friend you trust; you will soon realize that you are not alone and you are definitely not 'abnormal'. Many health professionals recommend using a dilator to prepare the body and mind to accept vaginal penetration and allow the dilator to increase in size over time. This should be done in an environment in which you feel completely comfortable and safe and should always be at your own pace. It is worth confirming the diagnosis with the help of a specialist and then starting treatment, which is planned together with the specialist.


Each of the five dilators are made of medical grade silicone, and their ergonomic design promotes easy insertion and a comfortable fit. The finger loop helps control the entire range of movement. The finger loop may also be used with a massager, which helps some women relax. Using a water-based lubricant can make the product easier to use.



7.5 x 1.25 cm


9 x 2 cm


10.75 x 2 cm


12.75 x 2.5 cm


14 x 3.25 cm

Use & Cleaning 

Do not use this product with silicone-based lubricants, only water-based lubricants! Before and after each use, clean with lukewarm soapy water or an alcohol-free disinfectant specially designed for sexual aids.