DOXY Die Cast Number 3

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The Doxy Die Cast 3 is a compact massager that is sure to give you a "good vibe."

This compact device has all the features found in the larger Doxy massagers, such as great looks, high-quality materials, a smooth silicone head and perfect control. 

Because style is important, you can choose from different attractive metallic finishes.


Whether you want to massage your aching muscles or add extra excitement to your intimate pleasures, the smaller size helps you direct that fabulous Doxy power to the right place. 

The Die Cast 3 has a smaller body than traditional wands, so it uses a smaller motor. However, since the aluminum body is much stronger than plastic, heavy weights are placed in the body of the massager to amplify the vibrations, creating the famous deep rumbling vibration that the Doxy is known for. 

The head has a smaller surface area than its big brother, focusing that power on precision - Ideal for doubles play and hard-to-reach places!


Place the tip of the wand directly at the base of the tip of the penis so you can both experience the power of Doxy.


Corded wand, with a 3-meter-long cord, allows for comfortable use.


Each box contains:


The plug-in power supply which provides low voltage DC power with adapters in the box - UK, EU, US & AU/NZ.



Body length: 28 cm


Head diameter: 4.5 cm


Body circumference: 12 cm


Weight: 350g



Medical silicone head and aluminum body.

Use a water-based lubricant that does not come into contact with the buttons!

Use & Cleaning

NOT waterproof!


Unplug the unit when not in use. The silicone covering of the head is 100% body safe, non-porous, platinum quality - this means that an antibacterial soap with warm water is enough to clean the product. Do not rinse under water, as splashing water may enter the device. Wipe the device with a cloth before and after use. You can also use sex toy cleaner to further disinfect the Doxy. Do not use internally or anally!


For added safety, the Doxy is programmed to turn off after 20 minutes. If you're still using it, don't worry, just hit the power button again and pick up where you left off.