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Iroha Kushi debuted as part of a further development with Iroha+. The brand's defining Soft-Touch material is combined with a stronger engine and new rhythm patterns, in a completely waterproof design.

Squeeze it, play with it and discover the design of all three different functions of Iroha+ so that you can get to know your body on a new level!


The precise forms of Iroha+ create an opportunity for more concentrated and intense stimulation. With the ribbed design of the Kushi, you can achieve a more dynamic massage. It is made using completely hypoallergenic materials, so its tenderness is available to everyone. In addition, its extremely quiet motor pampers you with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythms.


Experiment with water-based lubricant in bed or on the couch, or even try it alone in the shower or sitting in the tub.



waterproof up to 50cm 

anti-dust coating 

spectacular, modern design

extra soft, silky coating 

powerful, extra quiet motor

5 vibration strengths, 2 vibration rhythms

rechargeable Li-ion battery

60 minutes of operating time with 1 charge

1 year warranty

skin-friendly silicone, PC

color: Off white

dimensions: 8.8 x 6.1 x 4cm

weight: 98g

package contents: 1pc Iroha+ Kushi, practical charging case, USB cable, user manual

Use & Cleaning

Clean the device thoroughly before first use and after each use. Wash thoroughly with gentle soap and lukewarm water, then rinse and let dry. Recommended: Use of a special cleaning agent.

Use exclusively with water-based lubricants, other oils and lubricants can damage the material.