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Smaller than the palm of your hand, this delightful little toy packs a punch; it will always be by your side in the bathroom or bedroom.

This massager helps you enjoy foreplay to the maximum, you can pamper yourself or your partner with it, thanks to the design of the Mini it hits the erogenous zones perfectly!


You can take this tiny massager with you anywhere to boost your mood. It can be controlled with one button and the battery inside is easy to change.

Thanks to the Mini's water resistance, it is a great addition to a pleasant bath or a little mischief in the shower.

Thanks to the dirt-resistant material, the Mini is very easy to keep clean.


The Mini is just the thing you need, it will accompany you on any adventure anywhere in the world!




34mm × 52mm × 61mm


Weight: 57 gr




Elastomer, ABS, AAA alkaline battery for operation.

Use with water-based lubricants!

Use & Cleaning

The product can be disinfected with lukewarm soapy (neutral) water or with cleaning agents developed for this purpose. Clean only with lint-free material.


Use only with water-based lubricants.