LELO HEX 36 pieces

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An ultra-thin condom that feels great and fits perfectly. With their famous hexagonal structure - 350 hexagons that are textured on the inside for a better fit - these are the best condoms you will ever try.


Experience uninterrupted lovemaking thanks to the Hex's non-slip fit, knowing that its strength and excellent flexibility will protect you. While the thinness of the material allows you to enjoy every moment of being together.


Fragrance- and flavor-free, lightly lubricated condom.


Vegan condom. HEX condoms are free of parabens, glycerin, nonoxynol-9, benzocaine, lidocaine, nitrosamine and casein, and contain no spermicide.


Ingredients: latex


Thickness: 0.045 mm


Diameter: 54 mm


Length: 180 mm

Use & Cleaning

Single use product!