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Perifit Care + is a kegel trainer that trains your pelvic floor muscles with the help of phone games. When you tighten your pelvic floor muscles, the bird in the game rises. When you relax, the bird descends, with six unique kegel exercise programs and fun video games. The toys are designed by experts to help strengthen the pelvic floor properly. Many doctors recommend Perifit to their patients to combat the symptoms of incontinence, prolapse (gynecological prolapse) and other pelvic floor disorders due to its effectiveness. It also speeds up recovery after childbirth and can increase sexual well-being with regular use.

Compared to Care, Care + is smaller, more flexible, and takes the shape of the vagina more easily. Care + can be used while sitting, lying down, standing, walking or working, or while breastfeeding, whatever is best for you!

The innovative positioning of the sensors provides more accurate measurement results than before, so much so that Care + provides the most accurate results among kegel trainers currently available on the market.


More than 1 billion women suffer from pelvic floor diseases such as incontinence or prolapse.

Kegel training strengthens pelvic floor muscles, so you can conquer incontinence and other pelvic floor issues.

Unfortunately nearly 30% of women do Kegel exercises in an incorrect and potentially harmful way.

The Perifit Care + is a device that uses a unique, patented dual pressure sensor technology to identify faulty muscle contractions.


The Perifit Care + device has a diameter of only 2.7 cm and a length of 6.3 cm. It is designed to fit comfortably for all body types, follow the curve of the vagina and accurately measure the level of exertion. All Perifits are made of medical grade silicone.

Developed with the best pelvic floor specialists. Clinically proven biofeedback technology, an innovative, patented solution.

100% waterproof design

Recommended by 1000+ doctors

It is not necessary to charge, the product is equipped with a battery that works for 5 years.

Use & Cleaning

Clean with warm soapy water and let air dry. Not recommended for pregnant women as it has not been tested in this manner for ethical reasons. The Perifit Care + can be used again as soon as 6 weeks after giving birth.