ÜBERLUBE Silicone based lubricant 100ml

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Long-lasting performance that allows for enjoyable skin contact. Simple, body- and condom-friendly ingredients. Dissolves when no longer needed - no sticky residue.

Recommended by leading doctors. Fragrance and dye free.


Überlube was originally developed for sex, but the result was so good that it can be used in many areas of life. It can protect your skin and nipples from chafing during sports or protect hair and skin from chlorine and bromine while swimming. It is worth using a small amount before drying hair for heat protection, and after drying it helps to keep the strands under control. After shaving, it reduces skin irritation, makes the skin silky and soft.


A small amount of überlube can be ingested, so it can also be used for oral sex. Stephen, the inventor of Überlube, drank a small glass of it and he is still kicking. 


Vegan and cruelty free product.


Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone, Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E).


Material free of paraben, glycerin, gluten, preservatives and petrochemical ingredients.


Do not use with silicone-based sexual aids. Not compatible with polyurethane condoms!

Use & Cleaning 

If Überlube is spilled, it can be cleaned up easily with a little detergent and water.