WE-VIBE Chorus

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When two bodies become one – the Chorus is the only remote-control couples' toy that really understands you. The intelligent, intuitive Chorus allows you to experience the most powerful pleasure: joint, simultaneous orgasm.


Worn during sex, Chorus can be adjusted to fit your body, so you can feel the vibrations where you want them. The shape is easily adjustable and stays in place once you've found the perfect fit.


Chorus features unique touch-sensitive receptors under the We-Vibe logo. During the game, your movements control the vibrations. Choose from three touch-sensing modes to find the ultimate pleasure.


Change vibration modes and intensity in the heat of the moment. The Chorus Squeeze remote control is designed with the most natural human response in mind - the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration. Release your grip and the vibration will weaken.


Want simultaneous orgasms in the shower? It's time to try Chorus!


The material is silicone, phthalate, BPA and latex free.


10 vibration modes can be set on the device, plus the app, with which you can customize the vibration pattern that best suits you and your partner.


Fully waterproof product (IPX7)


Size: 7.8 x 3.3 x 4.35 cm


Remote control size: 3.7 x 9.6 cm


USB rechargeable.


Charging time: 2 hours, running time: 1.5 hours.

Use & Cleaning

This product can be disinfected with lukewarm soapy water or cleaning agents developed for this purpose.


Use only water-based lubricants, as other types can weaken the silicone, thereby significantly shortening the life of the device.